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Accessories are items that Daphne can collect during her travels across the islands. Some of them confer gameplay benefits, while others (at this time) have no value.

Accessory List[edit | edit source]

Name Location Description
Herbarium Manor Farm Contains some healing recipes and some descriptions about the local flora.
Ancient Idol Various Used as a trading currency for The Collector.
Backpack (Small) Manor Farm Increases inventory capacity by 2. Backpack capacity bonus stacks. Can also be crafted.
Backpack (Large) The Pinewood Increases inventory capacity by 3. Backpack capacity bonus stacks. Can be found randomly or during The Campers quest.
Pharmacy Tools Manor Farm Required to craft certain items.
Utility Belt Near Temple Ruins

Corpse in "Dead Romance"

Increases crafting material storage capacity by 2.
Canteen Temple Ruins

Cliff Ruins

The Collector

Provides portable water storage. Increases capacity by 1 per additional Canteen found.
The Collector's Diary The Holm Oak Thicket Used to get the Venom Tools from The Collector.
Venom Tools Given from The Collector Able to collect poison drops from snakes.
Walkie Talkie The High Tower
Crafting Toolkit The Collector Increases crafted weapons durability. Doesn't apply to priorly crafted weapons
Lighter The Pyre