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Enemies in Die Young are generally intended to be avoided, with the possible exception of rats, which can be dangerous if left unchecked.

Name Location
Executioner Found outdoors. Heavy melee damage and moderate ranged damage. Extremely high health.
Stray Dog Found outdoors. Moderate melee damage and grapple attack. Moderately high health.
Wolf Found in wooded areas. Same attack characteristics as the stray dogs.
Rat Found indoors. Very low health, but usually found in numbers. Low melee damage.
Viper Found outdoors. Very low health, though some appear to have higher health. Inflicts venom debuff.
Cujo Found in The High Tower eating corpses and the first boss fight in the game. Referenced in the Dog Breeding Report.
Community Militia Crossbow wielding community muscle who roam the island.
Beekeeper Found in the Canebreak near his Beehives.
Boar Found outdoors. Moderate melee damage. Moderately high health.