Olive Grove

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Olive Grove
Olive Grove Main House.jpg
Location Type Region
Water Source Yes
Available Quests The Manhole
Available Items Survival Knife
Available Documents Sluice Warning Notice
Wet Map
Military Dog Tag

The Olive Grove is a location that can be accessed from either the Dry Riverbed or The Gate. It is currently unique in that it is the only area of the game populated by non-aggressive NPC characters and containing no enemies. The area is dotted with blue tarps strewn with baskets and crates. There are a few Olive Grove Workers in the area, none of which will interact with Daphne. The primary feature of the area is the main house, near which can be found a water source.

The main house is empty of NPCs. There are, however, a few crafting items and consumables. Most notably are posted flyers resembling, or identical to, the images found on the opposite side of the various maps picked up across the island. It is unclear at this point whether those maps, or the paper they were drawn on, originated in this area.