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The worker (unidentified so far) is a character referenced in several journal-type documents discovered over the course of the game. He is a member of a group of outcasts who are segregated from the community and forced into servitude for reasons unknown. According to the letter from Brother Number Two to Brother Number One, the community is engaged in mysterious dealings with at least one Turkish official, which may explain why the government of Turkey turned a blind eye to the events on the island.

The notes left by the worker begin on May 1st (year unknown) indicate some sort of transgression against the community, but expresses an optimism that his dedication to the task the brothers have given him will absolve him of his crimes. However, in the letter "Problems", which is dated July 26th (presumably of the same year), Brother Number Two suspects that the workers have become aware of the truth behind their task.

On August 4th, as detailed in the document "Work Report: Cleaning", the execution of the workers was ordered and carried out. One of the workers, apparently a light sleeper, was alerted by noise outside of the door to the room in which his group rested. Acting quickly, he was able to stall the attack and escape through a window while his fellows were murdered behind him. Unwilling to leave loose ends, an Executioner was dispatched to kill him.

On August 5th, the worker found himself in the Twin Houses, where he apparently penned the documents Fugitive and He's Watching Me. In the former document, he recounts his escape from the massacre and determines that the alleged socialist ideal of the community is a lie. In the latter, written five to six days later, he has become aware of the executioner that was sent to kill him and determines to escape to the beach.

The worker's final document entry, written on an unknown date, can be found in the House on the Beach. In the document titled "I Am Alive", the worker believes that he has escaped the Executioner. This document consists of only four lines, the last of which is cut short in mid-sentence.

The worker was apparently killed at or near the table on the ground floor. There is a blood trail which leads downstairs into the dog breeding area. The Dog Breeding Report, which was dated August 1st, indicates that the breeding operation was present prior to the worker's arrival. It is unknown how the noise went unnoticed by the worker. In the enclosure, a corpse can be found hanging from the ceiling. It can be assumed that the worker was killed (or at least incapacitated) and hung from the ceiling to be mauled by the dogs.